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pelargos advises organizations and individuals, encompassing both professional and personal aspects. We help our clients to implement changes successfully through recruitment, individual, team and organizational consulting.

The pelargos philosophy

  • We honour the principle of dialogue in its truest sense. In the tradition of the Socratic midwife, we help new ideas to emerge and evolve.
  • Our longstanding experience in management and consulting teaches us the importance of the uniqueness of each one of our clients. We consequently practise the art of attentive listening, of observation and intuition, making every pelargos consultation bespoke to the individual.
  • We understand consulting to be a holistic encounter that touches the mind, body and soul of individuals and organizations.Essential Advisory means advice without gimmicks and superfluous frills. We focus on what is essential.

Who we are

»Constant dripping wears away the stone.«

G. Mann

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Coaching is distinctive in its unconditional focus on the client, on his/her personality and needs in the specific role. We honour the Socratic principle of dialogue in this unique situation, to inspire a process of awareness that supports our coachees in determining their own solutions.

A session with your coach focuses exclusively on you and your questions.

Your coach is a sparring partner who has your interests at heart and, within that circle of trust, can lead you to the limits of your comfort zone.

'A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.'

Tom Landry, legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys football team

The interplay of power and influence, conflicts of interest, conflicting roles, the darker depths of the human psyche – all  phenomena that demand the highest competence in mastering complexity in coaching. Our method is based on systems theory and dialogue, offering you a highly effective approach to mastering the challenge.

However testing, complex and hopeless your situation may appear, rapidly focusing your attention on target and solution scenarios, with consistent utilization of resources, will enable you to recognise new options in communicating and moving forward.

'Only one single moment is important - now (...) and the most important person is the one you are with.'

inspired by tolstoi

Orientation        Movement        Integrity

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Team and Leadership Culture

The team performance of managers is the primary factor in the success of organizations and their change processes. Where collective intelligence is fully galvanized, one cannot begin to quantify the potential that can be harnessed. Team and leadership cultures are decisive in creating the right environment. The art of shared thought is more creative than the sum of individual thought; it creates new approaches to known problems and fresh ideas for solutions.

pelargos supports you in the systematic development of your employee and leadership teams. We work with you to develop an approach to communication and collaboration that is free of illusions and therefore efficient and effective. You benefit from our longstanding experience in team and leadership development, as well as our conceptual expertise in leadership, organization, culture and teams.

‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.’

John Lennon

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Recruitment & Organizational Development

Markets and environmental conditions are changing at an ever increasing pace. Successful companies meet the demands of adjusting to these circumstances by continuously developing their organizations to keep pace with the times and by recruiting new talent.

As organizational experts and honest mediators,  we support you in dealing successfully with matters that are both challenging and sensitive.

Supported by thorough potential analysis, we ascertain the performance and development potential of organizations and individuals.

Analysing the potential of your organization provides valuable insights into the key aspects of culture, leadership and governance, communication and collaboration, as well as the underlying interplay of interests and influence. pelargos helps you with essential repositioning and the implementation of effective changes. Once the path of the organization has been determined, success will depend on having the right talent on board.

We also offer you  professional support for existing vacancies, in the search and pre-selection of suitable executives, as part of our Executive Search service. In recruiting new employees, we not only focus on personality and professional competence, but also on finding creative drivers of change for you.

‘Always act so as to increase the number of choices.’

V. Foerster

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Leadership in dialogue

In small groups, we apply a holistic and dynamic approach to discover fascinating aspects of leadership.

10 March 2020 -  My leadership, my brain, AI and I

! The two events have been merged.

6 February 2020 -  My leadership, my consciousness and I

18 December 2019 - My leadership, my body and I

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This content is available in german only. For more information, or to read the blog, please refer to the german part of our website. 


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We are:

Ernst Pálffy-Daun

‘Building castles in the air is free, but destroying them is very expensive’    


Born in the year of the premiere of Brecht’s Mother Courage in Zurich.
A Master of Economics with 25 years of management experience in banking, industry and retail.

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Ernst Pálffy-Daun
Tel +49.(0)69.29 724 517
Mobil +49.(0)172.692 28 18

Dr. Michael Rautenberg

‘Become who you are.’


Born in the year of Marilyn Monroe’s last public appearance at John F Kennedy’s birthday party in Madison Square Garden and her legendary rendition of Happy Birthday, Mr President.

A Master of Economics with 10 years of management experience at Lufthansa and Deutsche Bank. Dialogue expert with systemic consultancy qualifications.

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Dr. Michael Rautenberg
Tel +49.(0)69.29 724 737
Mobil +49.(0)162.280 23 78

Julian Pálffy-Daun

'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.'

Arthur C. Clarke

Born in the year when Richard Stallmann
announced the GNU project.

Prof. Dr. Werner Vogd

'Existence is a selective blindness.'

George spencer brown
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Prof. Dr. Werner Vogd
Tel +49.(0)2302.926 500

Miriam Lopes Noronha

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said."

Peter Drucker

Born in the year when "Back to the Future" was released in cinemas.

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Miriam Lopes Noronha

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